Steph Curry: Shooting Beyond Hoops

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Steph Curry: Shooting Beyond Hoops

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Published by Mauricio Segura in Sports · 26 November 2023

Photo /  Keith Allison

In the heart of his 15th NBA season, Steph Curry is not just a basketball icon; he's a maestro pushing the boundaries of his peak with each passing day. His historic on-court performances, reminiscent of a former two-time MVP, suggest that Curry's prowess is far from waning. While his incredible shooting abilities steal the spotlight, Curry's evolution as a player has transcended the confines of his scoring capabilities.

Once looked down upon for lack of defense, Curry defied the narrative, leading the league in steals per game during the 2015-16 season. Relentless workouts and added strength not only solidified his defensive contributions but also expanded his offensive repertoire. Retirement seems like a distant thought for Curry, who views the basketball court not just as a stage for his athletic prowess but as a platform for his business aspirations. Looking beyond the court, Curry is already contemplating a future in the NBA's boardroom.

In a recent interview on NBC Sports Bay Area's “Dubs Talk,” Curry unveiled his dreams of NBA ownership. The intricacies of the league's colossal operation fascinate him, prompting thoughts about where the future of the NBA is headed. Discussions around potential expansion, with cities like Las Vegas and Seattle in the mix, add an exciting dimension to Curry's post-playing career ambitions.

The evolution of the NBA is not lost on Curry, who entered the league when the Oklahoma City Thunder were in their second season, the Hornets were in New Orleans, and the Charlotte Bobcats were still a team. His NBA backyard has transformed dramatically, with the Warriors relocating to San Francisco in a dazzling new arena, partly thanks to Curry's contributions. Warriors owners Joe Lacob and Peter Guber have played a pivotal role in elevating the franchise to unprecedented heights, a journey Curry deeply respects.

Curry's vision for ownership goes beyond victories; he envisions being part of a group that connects with the community and fan base on a profound level. He remains acutely aware of the void in Black ownership within the NBA, highlighted by Michael Jordan's sale of the Charlotte Hornets. This absence extends to all major American sports, where no Black majority owner exists. Emphasizing the importance of diversity in decision-making, Curry sees the need for Black voices in the rooms where crucial decisions are made.

"It's huge," Curry declares, recognizing the significance of representation, especially in a league with a predominantly Black athlete demographic. As conversations around diversity gain momentum, Curry envisions himself as a catalyst for change, echoing NBA Commissioner Adam Silver's commitment to prioritizing diversity in the league's trajectory.

Beyond his playing career, Curry has left an indelible mark on the NBA's growth and transformation over the last 15 years. A champion of the women's game, a philanthropist funding college sports teams and public schools, and a trailblazer in business with his Curry brand, Curry's impact extends far beyond the court. While his playing days are still ongoing, Curry's eyes are firmly set on a future where he's not just a player but a visionary NBA owner, bringing his unique blend of passion, knowledge, and commitment to the league's dynamic landscape.

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