Ferris Wheel Adds Holiday Flare To The Wharf!

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Ferris Wheel Adds Holiday Flare To The Wharf!

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Published by Mauricio Segura in Bay Area · 2 December 2023
Ferris Wheel Adds Holiday Flare To The Wharf!

written by: Mauricio Segura / photo by: Skystar Wheel Facebook

In the heart of the holiday season, a spectacular addition has graced Fisherman’s Wharf - the SkyStar Ferris Wheel. Rising 150 feet tall, it its mesmerizing wonders of color treat onlookers to serene views of the iconic San Francisco waterfront.

This isn't just any Ferris wheel; it's a game-changer for Fisherman’s Wharf, offering a fresh perspective beyond the typical tourist attractions. With the SkyStar now adorning this favorite neighborhood, locals are realizing that it's not just for out-of-towners but a gem they can proudly call their own.

While the former Golden Gate Park location boasted convenience and marvelous views, the wheel has seamlessly transitioned to Fisherman’s Wharf, finding its true home amidst the delightful kitsch of the waterfront. The lively atmosphere and vibrant surroundings make it a perfect fit for this iconic neighborhood.

Situated within whiffing distance of the mouthwatering aromas of the areas eateries, the SkyStar unveils more of San Francisco than ever thought possible in just fifteen minutes. Picture both bridges, every neighborhood between the FiDi and Fort Mason, the historic SS Jeremiah O’Brien, and other bejeweled ships lining the quays. The journey even includes a lightning-speed roll over hills to the waterside.

Opening night was a dazzling affair attracting a lively crowd from all corners of the planet. The best part? Lucky locals enjoy a 15 percent discount on the $18 standard ticket price, ensuring that three revolutions during the ten-minute ride are both thrilling and affordable.

The gondolas welcome couples, families, and groups of friends to an atmosphere that is nothing short of lively. As the doors close, shutting out the usual ruckus of Fisherman’s Wharf, the magic unfolds. Suddenly, silence reigns, and the real adventure begins. Picture the Golden Gate Bridge bathed in lambent red, the sparkling houseboats of Sausalito, the formidable Alcatraz, the hulks of Angel Island, the Bay Bridge, and the TransAm tower with its pale blue beacon.

Amidst this revelry, a lone seal interrupts with joyful barks from below, adding a whimsical touch to the experience. In a city full of surprises, the SkyStar Ferris Wheel emerges as the latest doodad that has everyone looking up in awe.

As the wheel gracefully descends, ushering everyone back to the lively embrace of Fisherman’s Wharf, it leaves behind memories of an extraordinary adventure. In a world full of wonders, the SkyStar Ferris Wheel stands tall, inviting all to seize the opportunity and relish the enchantment of the city by the bay.

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